Online Forex Brokers

A firm that eases the operation of retail trading with the use of internet technology is an online Forex broker.

Global Forex Trading (GFT): GFT is one of the famous Forex brokers online. It offers retail traders no charge in a demo trading account; this treats users to open a live account online that provides live help and guidance; it offers software that is called the "DealBook FX 2" and lets the trader view account documents. This software can be downloaded for free for demo trading purposes.

Gain Capital Groups Online Forex: This provides a 200:1 leverage. In other cases, the overall return on capital is higher because of the leverage - Example: With $1,000 cash in a margin trading account, the capitalist can control up to about $200,000 in conceptual value. Naturally, leverage trading overstates both the losses and the capitalists' profits.

GCI Financial Ltd.: This provides no-commission Forex online trading. GCI offers trading Internet software, efficient performance, fast transactions, and margin requirements of 0.5%. The brokers from GCI provide Euro or USD denominated Forex trading accounts. The spread is in 3 pips in USD/JPY and EUR/USD, and 4 to 5 pips for any other major commissions.

Customers of Forex trading online can hedge, by starting positions in similar currency, in opposite ways. Risk on capitalists is limited to the funds deposited alone. Research and market analysis, Forex trading signals, and real-time charts are accessible, free of charge.

ACM This is part of the group from REFCO, and they provide 3 pip spreads on entire major currencies; that works out from 0.02% to 0.03% on the value of dollar. They also provide no-commission charge trading, and Forex trading that has a margin of 1%; that means that the trader can control about $1,000,000 with his $10,000 account.

There are a lot of online forex brokers that provide the potential trader with free demo accounts for them to practice forex trading online. The potential trader must only register and start the demo trading to learn the "feeling" of Forex trading. This demo will help potential traders to decide if trading is the best move for them.

With almost all Forex broker sites, traders can look for free Forex news to guide them with their trading strategies. You can search for detailed information about online Forex brokers to know more about them. Know more about Forex trading online, and about the world-wide market. You can study different strategies done by other traders to give you a glimpse of what might happen to you when you are in Forex trading.